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    not a podcast, more of a listing of what i like to listen to...


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    not a podcast, more of a listing of what i like to listen to...

    Post by jaytap on Wed Jul 29, 2009 7:11 am

    Hello all,

    These days i seem to spend more of more time listening to Podcasts than actual music.

    What I mean by this is that i subscribe to Podcasts of radio shows, mainly from the UK, and because of copyright restrictions you get to listen to a show minus the music - as i am sure you are all aware anyway.

    Why do i do this? Well mainly because the standard of English language radio is so poor here in Thailand, we used to have one or two good djs but these days the radio landscape is populated by youngsters with a poor grasp of language and an even poorer grasp of what music actually is.

    So to replace the inane dribble that i miss the most from my UK days i subscribe to the following:

    The Geoff Show, Absolute Radio: inane drivel and british humour, good fun, Geoff is a big Beatles fan.

    The Frank Skinner Show, Absolute: dry humour and observations.

    BBC Radio:
    The Daily Mayo: excellent interviews with all manner of people celebs, politicians, newsmakers.

    Mark Kermode & Simon Mayo Film Reviews: excellent film reviews.

    Front Row Highlights: excellent reviews of entertainment stuff doing the rounds.

    Jonathan Ross Show: generally comedic offensiveness, sexism and non pc stuff.

    Adam and Joe: good British schoolboy humour.

    Fighting Talk: out of season at the moment but very good talk show about british sporting events.

    Dr Karl and the Naked Scientist: science questions answered, very interesting.

    Steve Wright in the Afternoon
    : hilarious w/ very good Elvis impersonator from time to time.

    that's pretty much what i'm fond of at the moment, anyone else care to add?

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