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    Prince - Track Lists "What If?"


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    Prince - Track Lists "What If?"

    Post by maxim9691 on Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:36 pm

    Prince - Track Lists "What If?"

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    I have been thinking about the Purple Rain Deluxe release lately. More pointedly alternate track lists for the album, for my own listening pleasure of course.
    While considering my options a thought has been going through my head with the idea that 'what if' Purple Rain and ATWIAD were released as one album.
    A track list like the following.
    Let's Go Crazy
    Take Me With You
    The Beautiful Ones
    Computer Blue
    Darling Nikki
    When Doves Cry
    Pop Life
    The Ladder
    Purple Rain

    I've always felt as though 'I would die 4 U' and 'Baby I'm a star' were weak tracks musically compared with the other extremely strong songs on the PR album. However, I do agree that these songs do have a strong Lyrical message with regards to the overall story of the movie.
    PR, as an album grows with purpose with each song until it reaches 'When Doves Cry', then drops off until the Title Track lifts it back up to it's lofty goals before ending.
    If it had featured Pop Life, The Ladder and Temptation in place of those two tracks I feel that this record would have been much more interesting.
    Moreover, these three songs would have continued the growing reach of the album, and the subject of the ATWID tracks give it that little something extra.
    Sure, the whole idea is purely conversational because I doubt I would actually create such a mix tape, but it seems interesting none-the less.

    So what are your What Ifs, or Revisionist Purple History Track lists ?

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    Re: Prince - Track Lists "What If?"

    Post by Mace2theO on Fri Jul 07, 2017 6:19 pm

    Interesting concept

    If you expand the thinking and look at recording dates, it came become interesting.  For example, WDC was the last track recorded in March 84, so anything recorded before then should be up for discussion.  For example, Pop Life was recorded in Feb 84 ie before WDC. 

    Irresistable lady was re-recorded (with Clooreen Baconskin groove) in October 83 ie after all the PR tracks used in the movie, but was used as a b-side to the prior album

    So yeah, not so crazy...

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