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    My Favorite Music Movies


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    My Favorite Music Movies

    Post by maxim9691 on Tue Jul 07, 2009 5:50 pm

    In a Random order
    I'm excluding concerts or concert based moves (examples-Sign of the Times/U2's Rattle and Hum/Led Zepplin -the Song Remains the Same) from the list

    **High Fidelity- 2000
    The plot of High Fidelity centers on Rob Gordon (John Cusack), a self-confessed audiophile whose flair for understanding women is less than par for the course. After getting dumped by his current girlfriend, Laura (Iben Hjejle), he decides to look up some of his old flames in an attempt to figure out what he keeps doing wrong in his relationships.

    He spends his days at his record store, Championship Vinyl, where he holds court over the customers that drift through. Helping Rob in his task of musical elitism are Dick (Todd Louiso) and Barry (Jack Black), the "musical moron twins," as he refers to them. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things musical, they compile "top five" lists for every conceivable occasion, openly mock the ignorance of their customers, and, every so often, actually sell a few records. Also there are some teenagers, Vince (Chris Rehmann) and Justin (Ben Carr), who skate near his store. In one busy day at the store, the teenagers try to steal some records and he chases them down, making his dislike for them bigger, until one day, he listens to a recording that they did and offers them a record deal, starting his own label called "Top 5 Records". During his off hours, he pines for the lost girlfriend Laura and does his best to win her back.


    ** That Thing You Do! - 1996
    Just a great film to watch and rare one at that. How many films were made to intentionally create a catchy song created by a fictional band that resembled many of the one hit wonder bands influenced by the Beatles in the 60's?
    Sure they didn't play the music on the soundtrack, but they did perform a number of times as a band.
    I can't think of any, maybe the TV show 'the Monkees' came the closest to the real deal.
    This is like taking a time machine back to the 60's and being taken on a fun ride as the band rises to fame.
    My favorite version is the extended one from the DVD.
    Watching this makes me wonder out loud "why doesn't anyone try to make a band that plans in a style of that period?"
    Not an impersonator or tribute band but a band that plays the fun, simplicity laden songs like what the early Beatles played.
    I think its something that most modern bands over-look and from a recording perspective. How much easier on the pocket book would it be to strip the music down to the basic instruments and limited studio tricks?
    It could be that its not as easy said than done, but regardless I would listen to it.


    ** Purple Rain - I shouldn't have to go into detail about this one.

    ** Once -2007
    For Me it just has a real feel to it, unlike other films that simulate the act of creating music. It could be because the leads created the music and perform it in real life. Its not glitzy and it doesn't try to make bold strokes with the story. Its what a music story should be , simple and true and lets the viewer feel what its like.

    Facts about the film - 2007 Irish musical film written and directed by John Carney. Set in Dublin, this naturalistic drama stars musicians Glen Hansard (of popular Irish rock band The Frames) and Markéta Irglová as struggling musicians. Collaborators prior to making the film, Hansard and Irglová composed and performed all of the original songs in the movie.

    Shot for only €130,000 ($160,000), the film was very successful,earning substantial per-screen box office averages in the United States. It received extremely enthusiastic reviews and awards such as the 2007 Independent Spirit Award for best foreign film. Hansard and Irglová's song "Falling Slowly" received a 2007 Academy Award for Best Original Song and the soundtrack as a whole also received a Grammy nomination.


    ** Across the Universe - 2007
    This one may not be liked by all. But if your a Beatles fan this is like one big Trivia Treasure Hunt. The story is told through the music.
    the Dialogue is based off of events the Beatles themselves experienced. Also Beatles songs effect the story, most of the time directed in a tongue and cheek manner.
    If you not a fan or do know much about what the Beatles did in real life. Most probably won't get whats going on with most the movie.
    This is much more like a Dream a Beatle might have had. Where songs, experiences and the times create an alternate reality.

    Facts about the film - 2007 musical film directed by Julie Taymor, produced by Revolution Studios, and distributed by Columbia Pictures. It was released in the United States on October 12, 2007. The script is based on an original story credited to Taymor, Dick Clement, and Ian La Frenais that incorporates 33 compositions written by members of The Beatles.

    The film, directed by Taymor, stars Evan Rachel Wood, Jim Sturgess, Joe Anderson, and T.V. Carpio, and it introduces Dana Fuchs and Martin Luther McCoy as actors. There are cameo appearances made by Bono, Eddie Izzard, Joe Cocker, Salma Hayek, and others.

    Opening to mixed reviews, Across the Universe was nominated for both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. Two members of the supporting cast Carol Woods (singer / actress) and Timothy T. Mitchum performed as part of a special Beatles tribute at the 50th Grammy Awards.


    ** Amadeus - 1984
    This opened my eyes to classical music! I didn't know that it(music) could be so bold, so enveloping. It was like I discovered a whole world of hidden sounds. The story is based on basic events in Mozart's life. Its about as true as Purple Rain, its a nice idea but far from the truth. Regardless it is a great fantasy of what might have happened. Music has never been more Visual.

    Facts about the film - 1984 drama directed by Miloš Forman and written by Peter Shaffer. Based on Shaffer's stage play Amadeus, the film is based very loosely on the lives of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri, two composers who lived in Vienna, Austria, during the later half of the 18th century.

    The film was nominated for 53 awards and received 40, including 8 Academy Awards (including Best Picture), 4 BAFTA Awards, 4 Golden Globes, and a DGA Award. In 1998, Amadeus was ranked the 53rd best American movie by the American Film Institute on its AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies list; however, the movie dropped off the AFI's 10th anniversary edition of the list in 2007.


    ** Eddie and the Cruisers - 1983
    One of my favorite movies! The only wish would be that the film could have been a tad longer and explored the supposed end of Eddie's life.
    When recording his final album, there should have been more conflict and little more about the music being created.
    Regardless, for me it hits all the right notes. Its a great rock mystery that many writers have tried to create about real life musicians (Buddy Holly, Elvis, the Beatles Etc)

    Facts about the film - 1983 American film directed by Martin Davidson with the screenplay written by the director and Arlene Davidson, based on the novel by P. F. Kluge. The film is about a television reporter named Maggie Foley (Ellen Barkin) investigating the mysterious death of musician Eddie Wilson (Michael Paré) and the search for his band's second album, which disappeared from the vaults of Satin Records the day after Eddie's alleged death.

    Only two cast members, Michael "Tunes" Antunes, the tenor saxophone player for John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band, and Helen Schneider were professional musicians in the fictional band.

    The film was not very successful at the box office, grossing $4.7 million in North America. It also received many negative to mixed reviews from critics. However, in the fall of 1984, the soundtrack album suddenly climbed the charts as the film was rediscovered on cable television and home video and the studio re-released the record.

    The film was followed by one sequel, Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives in 1989. It was marketed with the tagline "Rebel. Rocker. Lover. Idol. Vanished."


    ** American Graffiti - 1973
    Its the music that sets the feel and tone of this movie. Without it is vanilla, but with Wolfman Jack crankin' out tunes all through the movie and the cast to go with it. It really feels more like a timemachine than a movie.

    Facts about the file - the 1973 period coming of age film directed by George Lucas, and written by Lucas, Gloria Katz and Willard Huyck. The film stars Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, Charles Martin Smith, Candy Clark, Mackenzie Phillips, Cindy Williams and Wolfman Jack and featuring Harrison Ford. Set in 1962 Modesto, California, American Graffiti tells of the exploits and adventures of a group of teenagers during a night of cruising around town and listening to pirate radio personality Wolfman Jack.

    Development of the film started shortly after the release of Lucas's THX 1138 in 1971, at the same time as Lucas was developing an "untitled science fiction space opera", later to become the basis for Star Wars. The film was initially funded by United Artists, but after creative differences arose with the studio, Lucas decided to work with Universal Pictures instead. Filming started at San Rafael, California, but the production was kicked out of the town and most of the film was shot in Petaluma, California. Although Universal interfered little with production, the studio did object to the film's title of American Graffiti, recommending Lucas change it to Another Slow Night in Modesto.

    The editing of American Graffiti was strenuous: the first cut was roughly 210 minutes long, and the final cut was released at 112 minutes. To this day the location of the other 100 minutes of footage remains unknown. The film received positive reviews and was a unanimous box office success (recouping 92 times its budget with its North American financial take). The film was nominated for five different categories at the 46th Academy Awards, and in 1995, American Graffiti was deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the United States Library of Congress, and was added to the National Film Registry for preservation.


    ** A Hard Days Night
    Just a great Music Film. I think it really captures the Beatles being themselves. After re-watching this recently its still very funny.
    Especially Paul's on screen grandfather "a world class Mixer' who is great in the movie!
    Them negative for me is, its a shame it wasn't in color.

    Facts about the film - A Hard Day's Night is a 1964 British comedy film written by Alun Owen starring The Beatles—John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr—during the height of their popularity. It was directed by Richard Lester and originally released by United Artists. The film was made in the style of a mock documentary, describing a couple of days in the lives of the group.

    It was successful both financially and critically; it was rated by Time magazine as one of the all-time great 100 films. British critic Leslie Halliwell described it as a "comic fantasia with music; an enormous commercial success with the director trying every cinematic gag in the book" and awarded it a full four stars. The film is credited with having influenced 1960s spy films, The Monkees' television show and pop music videos.


    Just for those that may disagree with my list
    My Wife would mention these if she were writing this.

    The Sound of Music
    Dirty Dancing
    The Little Mermaid
    Beauty and the Beast

    thats all I can stand to type Huh

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    Re: My Favorite Music Movies

    Post by Ymaginatif on Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:01 am

    I consider it totally your fault that I've been humming 'The hills are alive ... with the sound of music' to myself all day ... bash

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