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    Wings - Red Rose Speedway 2-LP (my reconstruction + bonus)


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    Wings - Red Rose Speedway 2-LP (my reconstruction + bonus)

    Post by maxim9691 on Tue Jun 30, 2015 11:05 am

    Something TheLazenby put together....

    "As many of you will know, Wings' second album "Red Rose Speedway" was initially planned as a two-record set, pared down to one (with a number of great songs removed) when a double was deemed too uncommercial in light of the relative failure of Wings' debut LP "Wild Life."

    Paul actually compiled two quite different double-disc line ups, the first (and most commonly known) offering wildly uneven sides, poor sequencing, and a long instrumental ('Jazz Street') that brings the flow of the album to a halt. However, his second double-disc version was much closer to a completed and polished track list, so using the best sources available, I've pieced together that version so that Paul's ultimate vision for "Red Rose Speedway" can be heard at last. [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] "- TheLazenby

    Disc 1: The Complete Red Rose Speedway
    Part 1: http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/naEqJKav/file.html
    Part 2: http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/VWuwoums/file.html
    Part 3: http://www3.zippyshare.com/v/vMS7WzVQ/file.html

    01) Night Out
    02) Get On The Right Thing
    03) Country Dreamer
    04) Big Barn Bed
    05) My Love
    06) Single Pigeon
    07) When The Night
    08) Seaside Woman
    09) I Lie Around
    10) The Mess [live]
    11) Best Friend [live]
    12) Loup (1st Indian On The Moon)
    13) Hold Me Tight
    14) Lazy Dynamite
    15) Hands Of Love
    16) Power Cut
    17) Mama's Little Girl
    18) I Would Only Smile
    19) Only One More Kiss
    20) Tragedy
    21) Little Lamb Dragonfly

    Disc 2: Sub-Rosa Subway (The Leftovers)
    Part 1: http://www70.zippyshare.com/v/ayMiF72o/file.html
    Part 2: http://www70.zippyshare.com/v/2Dfv0ctd/file.html

    01) (Intro) Hi Hi Hi / C Moon Promo
    02) Mary Had A Little Lamb
    03) Thank You Darling
    04) Jazz Street
    05) The Mess [studio]
    06) Live And Let Die
    07) Bridge On The River Suite
    08) Hi Hi Hi
    09) C Moon
    10) Henry's Blues [live]
    11) 1882 [live]
    12) Soily [live]
    13) (Outro) Complain To The Queen

    * Wings - Red Rose Speedway [1996 gold disc remaster]
    * Wings - Band On The Run [1993 remaster]
    * Linda - Wide Prairie
    * Wings - Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 1 [boot]
    * Wings - Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 2 [boot]
    * fan sources [for the two radio tracks]
    * Wings - Wild Life [1993 unreleased Hoffman remaster]
    * Wings - Red Rose Speedway: Collector's Edition [boot]
    * The Best Of James Bond: 30th Anniversary Collection

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    Re: Wings - Red Rose Speedway 2-LP (my reconstruction + bonus)

    Post by CKJ505 on Thu Jul 02, 2015 5:02 am

    An interesting coming together of what is musical history.

    I will check it when I have the space and time....  Kool

    This could be epic... says Ym!

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    Re: Wings - Red Rose Speedway 2-LP (my reconstruction + bonus)

    Post by Ymaginatif on Thu Jul 02, 2015 6:33 am

    One day ... the official superdeluxe edition series will get to this album, and pad it out with what would have been he double album.

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    Re: Wings - Red Rose Speedway 2-LP (my reconstruction + bonus)

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