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    Melt Yourself Down

    Post by maxim9691 on Fri May 16, 2014 5:59 am

    Melt Yourself Down
    Sounds Like: A throbbing, yelping party polyglot that detours through dissonant post-punk, no wave, Nubian music, modal jazz, and Afrobeat but still comes out bumping through every chorus.

    For Fans Of: Éthiopiques compilations, Fugazi, James Brown

    Why You Should Pay Attention: The London-based sextet's reputation as a live band precedes them: Reviews have noted their penchant for turning the party out with their epic workouts that keep audiences dancing, grinding, and sweating. Ignoring the fan/band barrier, Melt Yourself Down shows culminate in audiences dancing and singing on stage and founder Pete Wareham crowdsurfing with saxophone in hand. The buzz has been building since the release of their debut last year, but the smattering of breathless reviews from their Stateside debut at SXSW proves they have managed to live up the substantial hype.

    They Say: "We like to break down the wall between the people and the stage. It's like a workout session for us, we go crazy, jumping everywhere, getting people onstage and giving them the mic to shout out," says Wareham. "The music makes a bridge between us. If the Americans are up for it, it'll make for a ballistic, crazy night." And how hard is it stagedive and crowdsurf while playing saxophone? "Depends on how big the stage is," laughs Wareham. "It's difficult. We play with a mic inside the sax, but I am trying to go wireless so it'll be easier.

    Hear for Yourself: The explosive skronk of album opener "Fix My Life." JESSICA HOPPER


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