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    Purple Interviews 1


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    Purple Interviews 1

    Post by Mace2theO on Tue Aug 07, 2012 3:28 pm

    Back in 90′s when Prince started doing tv interviews widely for the 1st time, one of the interviewers Prince seemed to connect with was Bryant Gumbel, then on The Today show. At the time, Bryant was The Man on mainstream morning tv in the US and it was a big deal for him to profess his respect for P a few years before.

    So when P started his media tour for Emanicpation in ’96, he and Mayte stopped by The Today Show to give Bryant the official first “live sit-down” (ie not taped like Oprah) interview. It is being shared here not for the bulk of the interview, but for the last minute (from the 4 min mark) where Bryant talks to P about his clothes.

    So a few weeks later, P made a surprise appearance to give props to
    Bryant on his final broadcast for The Today Show. So referencing the
    discussion from the interview above, P wore a special attire. Now you
    know why.

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